Make It Intimate

Does your living room feel scattered? Here’s how to give your rooms a more intimate feel.

Many people want their rooms to look and feel bigger but achieving this isn’t always easy. A common thought is to push furniture up against the walls, the idea being that this will create more space because the room will look more open. In fact, this only confuses the brain by making the space look scattered and less intimate.

If you have enough space in the room try moving some of the pieces into the room and away from the walls, like a couch for example. You can show off the back of the couch with a sofa table with decorative pieces on it. Placing an area rug on the floor with a few inches of the edge tucked under the sofa and chair will anchor the room and allow for the furniture to feel connected to each other. Be sure to leave a little space around the rug so the floor under it can still be seen.

Bringing the furniture in, and anchoring it with a rug will create a more intimate setting without making the room look smaller.

Matchy Matchy

The next time you’re looking for something to go in a room (couch, carpet, curtains) remember this mantra, it doesn’t have to match, it just as to go [together]! And, if you’ve ever watched What Not to Wear, you’ve heard Stacy and Clinton say this about outfits, well it’s true for rooms too! Not matching everything with each other will break up the monotony of a space and keep it from looking dated. The throw pillows don’t have to be the same pattern as the couch, neither does the chair, neither does the area rug!

For example, Pantone (considered the authority of color) has picked Turquoise as the Color of 2010! Turquoise does not “match” but goes beautifully with orange, lime green, deeper blues and red (to name a few) So, if you want to jump on this trend and decide you must have the 2010 color in your… bathroom, let’s say, don’t match the walls, towels, soap, lotion, and bath mat – it’s not 1950. Instead, decided where you want the turquoise – walls? towels?, and then bring in the other colors that GO with it.

To see some great examples of how colors can go together instead of match, Google an IMAGE of the phrase Orange and Turquoise Rooms.